The Norwegian Business Angel Network

Connecting the Norwegian business angel community

NorBAN is the national interest organization in Norway for Business Angels investors who make investments with their own money in early-stage startup companies. We provide access to investor training, opportunities for networking, and valuable business services for both individual Business Angel investors and for regional angel networks.
Our goal is to include everyone in the Norwegian ecosystem who are working with or for Business Angels in a national network to strengthen the Norwegian startup ecosystem and coordinate political influence with the aim of increasing value creation for startup businesses and their early-stage investors.

Our main partners and associates

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NorBAN is by angelsfor angels, only.

We are not consultants or VCs. We are made up exclusively of people who are angel investors themselves, and together as an organization we work to further the interests of our angel investor members. 

We train angels. We give angels a network. We provide dealflow.
– and we collaborate with others towards these goals.

Choose a membership level:


Angel Investor

Super Angel

Only for high net-worth individuals with 25+ angel investments doing active portfolio support!

NorBAN provide hands-on training for angels by facilitating events and programs where angel investors and startups meet and connect. 

Our events are held in collaboration with organizing partners such as regional angel networks, startup accelerators/incubators, private banking divisions and personal wealth managers.

Partnership opportunities

Investment Partner

Available for investment funds and startup accelerators that want to promote their deals to our angels.

Commercial Partner

Available to commercial businesses and service providers.

NorBAN works with startups and angel investors from across the Nordics and Europe to facilitate cross-border investment projects

In addition we are also involved in supporting and building angel networks internationally across the North Atlantic area and along with regional project funded initiatives in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

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