What is a Business Angel?

A business angel invests their own time, money, and resources in early-stage projects to assist the founders in making it a successful business.

A business angel can usually provide much more value than just a cash investment to a startup, but an angel will always invest some cash to have “skin in the game”.

A business angel typically does not hold a formal role in the company, though some will join the board or even serve as a de-facto co-founder if skills and needs align.

You are a business angel even if you invest just a five-digit sum of any currency in a startup, as the advice and connections you also provide can be the most valuable contribution to the business.

Why You Should Become A Business Angel!

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As a NorBAN member, you will:

  • Discover exciting startups that are shaping the entrepreneurship of tomorrow
  • Get access to our community of Business Angels and innovative startups
  • Showcase your investor profile to the startup scene: highlight your experience and investment preferences
  • Get weekly news from the startup ecosystem, locally and internationally
  • Get updates on our upcoming programs, member meetings and other networking events
  • Receive exclusive discounts and benefits from our partners and from relevant service providers
Please note that a prerequisite for membership is that the member engages in early-stage startup investments and/or related business in a way that benefits angel investors or the broader early-stage investment ecosystem. Members found to not fulfill this criteria can be exluded.

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Only for high net-worth individuals with 25+ angel investments doing active portfolio support!

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NorBAN participates in a range of projects across Norway and in the Nordic countries where we deliver expert courses and hands-on training in startup evaluation and angel investments.
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