Angel funding for your Startup

What do angel investors offer?

Angel investors from NorBAN will support your company in reaching its goals faster, simpler and safer.
The core benefit of having one or more angel investors are not just the capital they can provide, but more importantly the knowledge and network connections that they can utilize to accelarate your startup!


No one succeeds by themselves, and skilled business angels can help open the right doors and introduce valuable partners.​


It is demanding to build a high growth business. Competent capital can contribute to reduce risk and increase growth rate!​​


Nobody is the best at everything. The value of experienced business angels who know what is needed can hardly be overestimated!

Want to showcase your business to our Business Angels members?

If you already are in talks with angel investors or investment funds that is an investor member or investment partner of NorBAN you can ask them submit your pitch through our dealflow platform.

This will make your investment deal available for review by our entire network of angel investors, and your angel can also ask to present the deal at our next Last Tuesday Angel Mixer event.

Please note: We do not accept direct submissions from startups to our dealflow platform.

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