DRYLAB letter to potential investors

Dear DRYLAB friend,

Thank you for investing with Drylab or are considering doing so! I wanted to give you a quick reminder on the adventure you are supporting, and update you on our latest achievements.

Drylab is not an idea of a solution that needs to be created from scratch. It is not a risky development project. It is already a finished and proven system that just needs to be sold to more users. We will continue to create additional functionalities for up-sale and more revenues as we go. That makes me feel more comfortable joining, personally, and investing, and even having my family invest too.

We have more than 200 film- and TV productions on our back, with great success and excellent feedback. These include George Clooney’s recent series “Catch-22”, premiering on Hulu in May. He had a wide array of options, decided on Drylab, and was reportedly very pleased with Drylab’s performance.


Drylab is furthermore adding functionalities after this week’s positive feedback from HBO Europe, which is likely to secure the first HBO production, to be filmed in Norway this fall. This will further increase the chances of being an approved supplier to the streaming giants in the US, including Netflix and Amazon. Currently, fortunately, there is a vast market and great potential in the independent and “lower budget” movie and tv markets, with production budgets up to $15M, where Drylab is almost alone offering a compelling solution.

We received this SMS a couple of days ago: “I miss Drylab! On the Netflix production I’m currently directing, we’re forced to use Pix, which is very old fashioned, steals time, and ruins our flow. Nothing would be better than introducing Drylab on their productions.” — Frustrated Netflix Director

We grow quickly through the best partners. Storyline in Norway has taken Drylab to an 80% market share in our home market, a very successful partnership. Our Swedish partner, Filmlance, is owned by The Walt Disney Company. They chose to work with Drylab, despite it being young and unknown. Being an ex Disney executive, I know how hard it is to sell new business ideas. They bring us an increasing amount of business, and there are 7 productions using Drylab there these days. Our Danish partner, MAAN Rental, has a volume of around 20 productions per year, and we expect most of them will use Drylab. This explains why we use many efforts in securing more high volume quality partners, and discussions are ongoing in several countries.

Drylab has been used on a number of recent large-scale productions in Norway, including Academy Award-shortlisted “The King’s Choice” and the latest Silver Bear winner in Berlin, “Out Stealing Horses”. The TV2 series “Okkupert” and “Heimebane” on NRK are also loyal Drylab users, every season. As a curiosity, “Okkupert” is mainly filmed in Lithuania, but you’d never notice.

Famous Danish director, Ole Christian Madsen, just finished filming his film “Dark Clouds”, and is a new, big fan of Drylab, so the ball has started rolling in Denmark.


Despite hardly any sales- and marketing efforts, filmmakers in more than 38 countries are already using Drylab. More than 450 industry professionals use the system as part of their daily work, and the number is currently growing by more than 20% month-over-month. Many of them have already invested in the company.

Drylab has engaged an experienced Sales Manager on commission base only, starting 1 April and an intern to support its most time consuming digital marketing efforts. We are moving to Oslo16/Røverstaden on Monday, to a small office for more privacy and team building, in a co-working space with other film related businesses. Thank you, Jan Vardøen.

The goal of this investor campaign is to raise capital for international sales, marketing and growth, and also to accelerate compliance with the streaming giants’ security requirements, and development of director- and script supervisor-centric functions. This will lead to increased value and revenue.

Drylab aims to become the preferred tool for all modern film and TV makers. Feedback so far proves that the company is well on its way.

Thank you for your support, and should you or your friends consider pitching in some more, the Funderbeam campaign is still in private mode, until Tuesday, so until then we do not pay any commission. The minimum investment is €250, so everybody can join. https://www.funderbeam.com/syndicate/drylab

Please contact me should you have any questions or want more information!

Åse Ytreland
COO Drylab AS
+47 48401240

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