History of NorBAN

NorBAN is the only member-based interest organisation in Norway dedicated to Business Angel investors in early-stage startups, representing a dozen regional and sector specific angel groups totaling more than 800 angel investors, has well as dozens of direct members.

Important events in the history of the organization

Norwegian Business Angel Network

2010 – On the 3rd of March Truls Petter Berg took initiative to found the organization NorBAN along with Cato Musæus, Camilla H. Andersson, Rasmus Falch, Roger Larsen and Lars Monrad-Krohn as a member organization exclusive for highly skilled and active individual investors in early stage businesses. The launch was announced on the 10th of May the same year at a First Tuesday Oslo event.

2011 – NorBAN organized its first Norwegian Investor conference in collaboration with Movation and Seed Forum.

2012 – NorBAN becomes a member of EBAN – the European angel association.

2013 – NorBAN organized The Business Angel Conference in Norway in partnership with First Tuesday, Venturelab, Investinor and Movation.

2021 – NorBAN renewed its website and established a tiered membership model

Business Angels Norway

2016 – On the 18th of April Jørn Lein-Mathisen took the initiative in founding the organization Business Angels Norway (BAN) as a national umbrella organization for local business angel networks around Norway, with Oslo International Angels, BAN Tromsø, BAN Ofoten, and BAN Helgeland as founding partners.

2018 – Business Angels Norway was one of the local organizers for the Nordic Angel Programme funded as a project by EU Horizon 2020.
BAN was honored as the most successful operating partner among the nations taking part by recruiting and training the highest number of new angel investors of any participating country.

2020 – Business Angels Norway assisted with the establishment of BAN Arctic in collaboration with KUPA.

2021 – Business Angels Norway assisted with the establishment of the North Atlantic Business Angel Network in collaboration with KUPA.

2023 – Merger between NorBAN and Business Angels Norway

On the 3rd of March 2023 the organizations BAN and NorBAN officially merged their members, purposes and operations so that the new joint organization better could represent the Norwegian angel investment ecosystem in its entirety and be able to provide more valuable services and functions for both members and the eco-system as a whole. After a period og integration and collaboration to establish the structure for the new organization the official re-launch as a member organization for individual angels was held on the 24th of October.

Along with the re-launch of the merged organization the new “Last Tuesday: Angel Mixer” monthly meetup for business angels was established.

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